*** Staff and Programme Management Unit ***

Programme Management Unit (PMU)

Programme Management Unit (PMU):
Is the operational project body for its implementation in Egypt and is composed by the CIHEAM-Bari Expatriate Coordinator and by the National Coordinator representing MoALR. The PMU will be also supported by the personnel indicated in the agreement. One vehicle will be fully available for the Expatriate Coordinator appointed by CIHEAM-Bari. The PMU shall have full authority and responsibility to design and execute the Project Implementation overall and annual work Plans, prepare ToRs for consultants and experts for the implementation of the Programme's activities, approve disbursements, prepare the technical and financial annual reports, maintain contacts and coordination with stakeholders, propose methodology and costs updates/budget amendment whereas necessary.

Steering Committee (SC):
One Steering Committee (SC) is formed to provide main guidance and orientation for proper implementation at the highest institutional level according to sustainability principles mentioned in the agreement. The SC is composed of: a representative of MoALR as chairperson a representative of MALR Foreign Agricultural Relations (FAR) a representative of Italian Embassy in Cairo a representative of CIHEAM-Bari a representative of MolC. The National Programme Coordinator and the CIHEAM Bari Programme Expatriated Coordinator shall act as technical secretariat during the SC meetings. The Steering Committee may include as observer with no right to vote- other Egyptian/Italian institutions invited by one of the members upon written accordance by MALR and CIHEAM Bari. The Steering Committee shall discuss, approve and submit for endorsement to the MAECl-DGCS, the following documents:
- The Overall and Annual Work Plans;
- The Annual Tect1nica l-Financial Reports, including Audit Reports;
- The Final Technical Report, including cost statement and audit final report; Furthermore, the SC is in direct charge of:
- Taking and approving necessary decisions at management level, Programme orientation, budget; (re)allocation and activity adaptation as prepared by the PMU;
- Evaluating the final results and eventual extension of the programme activities, if necessary, justified and with no extra budget. The SC will be Follow up by MoALR and organized once a year. MoALR or any member can call for a Steering Committee meeting whenever necessary.

Project Implementing Structure